Joe Williamson

Joe Williamson was born in Canada. He moved to Europe in 1992. He is a member of the Tobias Delius 4tet (with Tristan Honsinger and Han Bennink), Circadia (with Tony Buck, David Stackenäs and Kim Myhr), The Electrics (with Axel Dörner, Sture Ericson and Raymond Strid), Fish Scale Sunrise (with Ab Baars and Kaja Draksler) and Trapist (with Martin Brandlmayr and Martin Siewert). He has a ten piece ensemble called The Ägg and his own trio, Receptacles (with Anton Toorell and Dennis Egberth). Since the demise of his exotic cat breeding business he spends his days watching mountaineering disaster documentaries on Youtube. He currently lives in Stockholm with his family.