It's a grey January morning in Amsterdam. The year is 2002. Tobias Delius, still in pyjamas, is staring out of his window at the harbour as usual. The doorbell rings. It's Joe Williamson.

- Feel like playing?
- Sure, when?
- Now.
- Eh, OK. Where?
- Here.

Joe by now is in the room, bringing not only his double bass but also introducing Steve Heather, who proceeds to pour the contents of a large sack onto the floor: cymbals, bells, rattles, shakers, etc.

The session must have been fun, as a few weeks later the brand new trio was playing in Poland.

Tobias had brought a little book in which he had been collecting songs he liked to play. The trio soon found out that next to freely improvising they enjoyed diving into this BOOKLET every now and then.

15 years have passed, lean ones and fatter ones. The BOOKLET itself has become thicker, many new tunes by Joe have joined the diverse mix.

2 CDs are available, both on the JEDSO label